Amplify Your SAP Experience by Migrating to AWS with Dimensions Cloud

With SAP as the backbone of many enterprises, innovating and deriving new value from SAP applications is key to driving competitive advantage. By migrating SAP workloads to AWS with Dimensions Cloud , organizations unlock a plethora of modern capabilities, such as machine learning and IoT, to drive their business forward and lay the foundation for future successes on the cloud.

Extending the benefits of the cloud to SAP landscapes

With the longest track record of SAP customer successes on the cloud, AWS is the proven cloud provider to run critical SAP workloads. AWS has the most extensive set of services to drive innovation on the cloud, enabling you to unlock new capabilities like machine learning and IOT to drive new value from SAP applications.

Maintain Your Business Continuity & Achieve High Availability with Backup and Disaster Recovery on AWS

Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Dimensions Cloud Company for your backup and recovery solution to reduce the costs associated with provisioning and maintaining storage.

Eliminate Upfront Investments

On-premises backup and recovery solutions often require large upfront investments in storage infrastructure and ongoing, specialized maintenance. AWS services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard-IA), and Amazon Glacier serve as flexible, scalable storage targets on the cloud. Pay-as-you-go pricing ensures you only pay for the resources you use, helping reduce the costs associated with provisioning and maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

Reduce costs, increase security by migrating to AWS Cloud with Dimensions Cloud

Businesses of all sizes are being drawn to the cloud for a range of reasons. Among the most compelling drivers for small and medium sized businesses are the opportunities to reduce costs and increase security. Also high on the list is added agility – equipping the business to meet the changing needs of a fast-changing environment and requirements to adapt.

Dimensions Cloud helps you through every step of the AWS migration

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping businesses like yours transform the way they operate. But migration requires careful management. It needs to be accomplished quickly and securely and without undue business interruption. It involves careful consideration of the complexity of your environment and the level of your in-house expertise.

Dimensions Cloud and AWS have the experience and resources to help you through each step of the migration journey, backed with deep understanding of the factors that drive fast, successful outcomes.

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